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Professionals in strategy execution, operating model design and process optimisation

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Our strong believe is that in a connected world there is no such thing as an isolated solution.

Therefore, we advocate and use a holistic approach of Crosslinx©.

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We work for or with building our track record

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FSMConsultants BV

FSM Consultants BV website is under construction. Please feel free to contact us by mail: info@fsmconsultants.nl or call +31 653 78 81 82

We believe in the continuum of change. That there is an everlasting room for improvement in which technology is only meaningful if contributing to people’s quality of life

We support our customers in driving innovations from an early stage to main markets. Focusing on strategy execution and operating model design we help to create smart services, intelligent products, and efficient processes.
We help people and their organizations being successful and appreciated by their stakeholders.
We bring a unique blend of expert knowledge, hands-on experience and energizing creativity

FSMConsultants BV specialized in the implementation of strategy execution and operating model design sins 1995. We help organizations to initiate and execute programs and projects that contribute to the creation and delivery of sustainable success. Taking strategy execution to new levels regarding efficiency, customer satisfaction, and sustainability by making the business highly independent from time and place with a focus on eliminating waste in all aspects of the business processes and its organization. We help to utilize the full power of modern data and ICT technology as well as discovering the hidden talents of staff. Our client base is successful in the following Areas:

• Banking & financial services industry
• Manufacturing
• Processing industry
• Logistics
• Public transport
• E- & M-Commerce
• Healthcare
• Education
• Design & production of consumer and professional electronics